Various Artists

Virtual Experience Software (Limited Die-Cut) (825764110815)

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Virtual Experience Software (Limited Die-Cut)

Various Artists

Numero Group


LPS 168112




LP 33,04 €


Numero serve up this glorious ode to software generated soundscapes that emerged in the 90s after decades of brown corporate banality. In part helped along by access to the internet, the PC revolution also allowed for these vibrant sounds to emerge.

Described as "the soundtrack to the screen saver fever dream we're all trying to climb back into Numero 95 is a wistful and whimsical ambient collection with pastoral shades, smooth jazz and new age overtones and proto-vapourwave gems.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Quiet Force ..... Listen To The Music
  • A2. Barry Coates ..... Hovercraft
  • A3. Andrew Gordon ..... Walking The Lonely Streets
  • A4. Steve Bach ..... Rain Dance
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Angelo Vanotti ..... Sketches Of Anderland
  • B2. Slap & Powell ..... Sex Drive
  • B3. Jordan De La Sierra ..... Nimbu-Pani: The Lemon-Water Song
  • B4. Jessie Allen Cooper ..... In My Heart