Mal Waldron

Modal-Air (Limited Edition) (ND032)

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Modal-Air (Limited Edition)

Mal Waldron

Naked Lunch


LPS 168152




LP 14,03 €

One of the rarest Mal Waldron albums ever – issued on a tiny label, as part of its education series – but a great trio date with George Tucker on bass and Al Dreares on percussion!

The music is quite unusual too – a host of compositions by Waldron, and very different than many things he'd recorded earlier – still quite short, but a bridge to some of his more freewheeling work of the second half of the 60s, recorded overseas.


  • Mal Waldron - (piano)
  • George Tucker - (bass)
  • Al Dreares - (percussion)


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Summerday
  • A2. Easy Going
  • A3. All of My Life
  • A4. Ollie's Caravan
  • A5. Modal-Air
  • A6. Lullaby Chant
  • SIDE B
  • B1. The Call to Arms
  • B2. Skipper's Waltz
  • B3. Love-Span
  • B4. Quiet Temple