Kazuki Tomokawa

Straight from the Throat (Limited Edition) (BF027LP)

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Straight from the Throat (Limited Edition)

Kazuki Tomokawa



LPS 168239




LP 24,78 €

In the 1970s, Kazuki Tomokawa catapulted into Tokyo’s avant-garde scene with his cathartic and utterly electrifying performances.

Straight from the Throat, Tomokawa’s second album, released in July 1976, finds the musician in his truest form: as the “screaming philosopher” he would come to be called—cynical but fair, cheeky and melancholic, and looking at the world with truth-seeking eyes.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Grampa
  • A2. Goddam Winter
  • A3. Ameran Kuyuran
  • A4. Dagadzugu
  • A5. A Fitting Adolescence
  • A6. Footbridge
  • SIDE B
  • B1. The Spring Is Here Again Song
  • B2. Fridge
  • B3. Don't Kill The Sea Lions
  • B4. Smithereens
  • B5. Harmonica
  • B6. A Little Ditty
  • B7. Stone