Donny McCaslin

Reckoning (Limited 7 Inch) (WABB-073)

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Reckoning (Limited 7 Inch)

Donny McCaslin

We Are Busy Bodies


LPS 168418




SINGLE - 7 INCH 14,03 €

7" 45 R.P.M.

WABB Limited Edition Single Series

Saxophonist and David Bowie Blackstar Donny McCasli release a new song titled Reckoning, an emotional response to the recent months of heightened protests in the wake of increased racial violence.

  • “Reckoning is just that… it’s well past time for us, as a nation, to reckon with the past and how it has and continues to manifest in today's reality of social and racial inequality,” reflects McCaslin. “It runs deep and we all have to be accountable to make real change and that includes me as I come to terms with my own white privilege.
  • While certain sections of the song channel anger and a sense of urgency, other sections reflect the possibility of hope for more positive and meaningful actions like those of the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • McCaslin worked on the piece with GRAMMY®-nominated producer, (re-)mixer, bassist and composer Ben Rubin. Rubin used news coverage samples of recent protests at start and end along with a DJ premier - inspired boom-bap beat to set the song’s focus. McCaslin laid down some of the saxophone and flute tracks through his phone, recorded in a closet, expressing his emotions in a raw, unfiltered setting.