Enrico Fazio

Girotondo (CDWEIN17)

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Enrico Fazio

We Insist!


GEN 168511




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The idea for Girotondo is taken from the play of the same name written by Arthur Schnitzler. Like the characters in Schnitzler's text, here the musicians are invited to take part in a series of dialogues in pairs, so as to form a chain, a roundabout: the first with the second, the second with the third, until the last one joins the first, closing the circle. The musicians have been matched by lot to a theatre character, so that the duets are the random result.

Fazio acts as a guest, an external narrator to the couples, elaborating an electronic introduction that represents the scenic space in which the encounters develop, and a final roundabout in which everyone is involved.

Recorded on April 26 and May 3, 2014 at Recording Studio, Agliano Terme (AT)


  • 01. L'Ospite, Lo Spazio Scenico
  • 02. Mario Arcari - La Prostituta e il Soldato
  • 03. Giancarlo Locatelli - Il Soldato e la Cameriera
  • 04. Alberto Mandarini - La Cameriera e il Giovanotto
  • 05. Francesco Aroni Vigone - Il Giovanotto e La Giovane Signora
  • 06. Valeria Sturba - La Giovane Signora e il Marito
  • 07. Adalberto Ferrari - Il marito e la Donna Galante
  • 08. Gianni Virone - La Donna Galante e il Poeta
  • 09. Gianpiero Malfatto - Il Poeta e l'Attrice
  • 10. Emanuele Parrini - L'Attrice ed il Conte
  • 11. Marco Tardito - Il Conte e la Prostituta
  • 12. Girotondo finale