William Eaton

Music by William Eaton (Limited Edition) (MT005)

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Music by William Eaton (Limited Edition)

William Eaton

Morning Trip


LPS 168541




LP 22,30 €

Cosmic improvisations and experimental compositions for instrumental solo acoustic guitar, circa 1978.

Originally released in 1978, Music By William Eaton is a private-press album from the accomplished experimental stringed instrument builder. The atmospheric recording techniques, mixed with a hint of Fahey/Takoma-lineage make for a listening experience akin to the mountain-scape drawing represented on the album cover. The experience may seem simple at first, but like any great trip in nature, new details consistently reveal themselves upon each listen.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Untitled
  • A2. Untitled
  • A3. Untitled
  • A4. Untitled
  • A5. Untitled
  • A6. Untitled
  • A7. Untitled
  • A8. Untitled
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Untitled
  • B2. Untitled
  • B3. Untitled
  • B4. Untitled
  • B5. Untitled
  • B6. Untitled
  • B7. Untitled
  • B8. Untitled
  • B9. Untitled
  • B10. Untitled