New Life Trio

Visions of the Third Eye (Limited Edition) (EFR003)

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Visions of the Third Eye (Limited Edition)

New Life Trio

Early Future


LPS 168571




LP 23,95 €

It's quite hard to comprehend that such a pivotal album in the history of free jazz has taken this long to be reissued. Originally coming out in 1980, Visions Of The Third Eye is a landmark piece of work which saw the untamed terrain of free jazz being navigated with a certain soulful, spiritual bent which lands differently compared to a lot of other works in the genre.

New Life Trio was made up of monumental drummer Steve Reid, guitarist Brandon Ross and bassist David Wertman, and on this record they broke down barriers but never at the expense of the feeling. Now Early Future have faithfully reissued the album with an appropriate level of grandeur, remastered and featuring a 20-page zine with interviews, essays and more.


  • Steve Reid - (drums)
  • Brandon Ross - (guitar)
  • David Wertman - (bass)

Recorded: December 6, 1978


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Empty Streets
  • A2. Egypt Rock
  • A3. Sculpture
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Chinese Rock
  • B2. Prelude To Grace
  • B3. Love Ciphe