Ana y Jaime

Dire a Mi Gente (Limited Edition) (MR 430)

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Dire a Mi Gente (Limited Edition)

Ana y Jaime

Black Fire


LPS 168908

MR 430



LP 22,30 €

First time vinyl reissue

Diré a Mi Gente is a 1969 Colombian pop classic with one foot in protest song and the other in acid rock, harsh sounding but also current and sincere.

The rawness of the lyrics, the simple and dynamic electrified instrumentation and the contrast with the sweetness and innocence of the adolescent vocals make it reminiscent of Nadaism via Pablus Gallinazo, the bittersweet tenderness of Elia y Elizabeth and the post Los Yetis duet of Norman y Darío.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Dispersos
  • A2. Jerusalem
  • A3. Dire A Mi Gente
  • A4. Es Largo El Camino
  • A5. Love Story
  • A6. Cuatos Momentos
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Soy Rebelde
  • B2. Cafe Y Petroleo
  • B3. Ricardo Semillas
  • B4. A Desalambrar
  • B5. A Veces Quisiera Ser Siego
  • B6. Nina Nana