Ndikho Xaba an the Natives (Limited Edition) (MM105)

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Ndikho Xaba an the Natives (Limited Edition)



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Matsuli Music presents soul, spirituality and avant-garde jazz from South African political exile Ndikho Xaba. Its rarity has until now served to obscure both its beauty and its historical significance. Making profound links between the struggle against apartheid and the Black Power movement in the USA, Ndikho Xaba and the Natives is arguably the most complete and complex South African jazz LP recorded in the USA. It stands out as a critical document in the history of transatlantic black solidarity and in the jazz culture of South African exiles.

Ndikho Xaba and the Natives opens a fluid channel of sonic energy that courses between two liberation struggles and two jazz traditions, making them one. It is a critical statement in the history of transatlantic black solidarity, unifying voices stretching from San Francisco to Johannesburg. There is no other recording or group in which the new jazz spirituality of the late 1960s is so fully blended with an African jazz tradition


  • Plunky - (tenor & soprano sax, flute)
  • Ndikho Xaba - (piano, percussion)
  • Lon Moshe (Ron) - (vibraphone)
  • Shabalala (Kent)- (bass)
  • Daru (Baba) - (congas, percussion)
  • Daru (Baba) - (congas, percussion)
  • Kieta (Keith') - (drums)


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Shwabada
  • A2. Freedom
  • A3. Flight
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Nomusa
  • B2. Makhosi