Akofa Akoussah

Akofa Akoussah (Limited Edition) (MRBLP174)

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Akofa Akoussah (Limited Edition)

Akofa Akoussah

Mr Bongo Records


LPS 169066




LP 20,64 €

A beautiful record from Akofa Akoussah – a singer from Togo who's equally gifted in funky and sweeter soul styles!

Half the record is full-on funk, and we'd swear that Lafayette Afro Rock Band must have had a hand in some of the instrumentation (possible, as it was recorded in Paris) – as there's reed lines and trippy electric elements that feel like they're very much their work – especially the way they could make things wig out around the edges of the mix!

And if they're not on the record, the sound is very similar on the funky numbers – which then leaves the sweeter tracks to bring in a bit more of an acoustic balance, and really foreground Akofa's amazing voice.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Tango
  • A2. Ramer Sans Rame
  • A3. La Lem
  • A4. Mitso Aseye
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Dandou Kodjo
  • B2. Kimumbu
  • B3. G Blem Di
  • B4. I Tcho Tchass