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NMR 006

Orla (Limited Edition)


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NMR 006

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LP 24,78 €


Issued in 1975, this is the articulation of Zambia's Zamrock ethos. Its' musicians were anti-colonial freedom fighters, it envelops Zambian folk music traditions, and it rocks -- hard. Amanaz were serious, and they made a serious stab at an album. They titled their album Africa, according to original band member Keith Kabwe, "because of how it was shared and how its inhabitants were butchered and enslaved, its resources stolen... all the atrocities slave drivers committed."

The album also tackles traditional Zambian music and early-'60s rock -- punctuated, of course by Kanyepa's wah-wah and Mpofu's fuzz guitars. But every time Amanaz get too deep, too violent, they come back with an accessible song and woo their listener back to the groove.


  • Keith Kabwe - (vocal, maraccas, tamborine)
  • Isaac Mpofu - (rhythm guitar, vocals)
  • John Kanyepa - (rhythm guitar, vocals)
  • Jerry Mausala - (bass guiatr, vocal)
  • Watson Lungu - (drums)


  • LP ONE
  • A1. Amanaz
  • A2. I Am Very Far
  • A3. Sunday Morning
  • A4. Khala My Friend
  • A5. History Of Man
  • A6. Nsunka Lwendo
  • B1. Africa
  • B2. Green Apple
  • B3. Making The Scene
  • B4. Easy Street
  • B5. Big Enough
  • B6. Kale
  • C1. Amanaz
  • C2. I Am Very Far
  • C3. Sunday Morning
  • C4. Khala My Friend
  • C5. History Of Man
  • C6. Nsunka Lwend
  • D1. Africa
  • D2. Green Apple
  • D3. Making The Scene
  • D4. Easy Street
  • D5. Big Enough
  • D6. Kale