Silver Apples

Selections from the Early Sessions (5056321641984)

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Selections from the Early Sessions

Silver Apples

Chicken Coop


LPS 169199




LP 24,78 €

An album that never made it to stores. Basically the first two Silver Apples albums minus a track, but replaced by, 'Anthem', the legendary track by Jimi Hendrix that features Simeon on bass oscillator. The story of this recording is on the back of the sleeve. Jimpress the Jimi Hendrix Magazine even confirmed and authenticated Simeon played bass oscillator on the track.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Oscillations
  • A2. Lovefingers
  • A3. Program
  • A4. Velvet Cave
  • A5. Whirly-Bird
  • A6. Ruby
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Misty Mountain
  • B2. You And I>
  • B3. Gypsy Love
  • B4. I Have Known Love
  • B5. A Pox On You
  • B6. Anthem (featuring Jimi Hendrix)