Alan Evans

Merkaba (JAZZ)

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Alan Evans

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Merkaba is a spatially psychedelic album chock-full of heady licks, determined drumbeats, and organ progressions that wouldn’t be allowed into your Sunday mass. Evans, Sasser, and Mayer have perfected the game of intergalactic hacky-sack, seamlessly passing the mic back and forth while hitting every note.

They’ve incorporated decades and genres into their second album, intertwining sounds from years past and years from now. With Merkaba, Alan Evans Trio has given us some much-needed reasons to be excited about the future of music.


  • Alan Evans - (acoustic guitar, vocals)
  • Beau Sasser - (organ , clavinet)
  • Danny Mayer - (electric guitar)v
  • Special guests:
  • Mike Feingold - (banjo, guitar, keyboards)

Recorded November 24th - December 5th, 2012


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Thor
  • A2. Gone
  • A3. Life Is Harder To Live
  • A4. Cosmic Hazel Dust
  • A5. Who Dare Knock
  • SIDE B
  • B1. They Call Me Velvet
  • B2. Have You Seen Him
  • B3. Hotcakes Meltdown
  • B4. Biscuits
  • B5. Givin' To You