Klaus Weiss

Sound Inventions (Limited Edition) (BEWITH113LP)

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Sound Inventions (Limited Edition)

Klaus Weiss

Be With Records


LPS 169230




LP 24,78 €

From the archives of German library cult institution Selected Sound: 'Sound Inventions' (1979) by Niagara and Klaus Doldinger Quartet drummer Klaus Weiss full of funky studio funk freakery, crazy samples and swaggering abstract funk grooves.

From deep disco with dark Italo / Moroder leanings to heavy German funk breaks, this LP is sensational and absolute synth and string drenched magic. Remastered for vinyl from the original tapes, complete with reproduction of the shiny metallic Selected Sound original cover. Essential.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Graceful
  • A2. Drumcrazy
  • A3. Giants
  • A4. Sound Inventions
  • A5. Glide
  • A6. Greenwich Street
  • A7. Stretching Out
  • A8. Air Space
  • A9. Statement
  • A10.Don't Stumble
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Beauty
  • B2. Rhythm Function
  • B3. On Disco Street
  • B4. Fidget
  • B5. Waves
  • B6. Funky Art
  • B7. Rainbows
  • B8. Uncertain
  • B9. A Few Cuts
  • B10. Hot Chocolate
  • B11. Sections
  • B12. Early Start