Jazzberry Patch

Jazzberry Patch (Limited Edition) (5050580782020)

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Jazzberry Patch (Limited Edition)

Jazzberry Patch

Jazz Room


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A funky electric jazz jam that's been lost for years – very heavy on the keyboards and filled with choppy sax riffs!

The sound here is kind of a combination of the Groove Merchant style of the early 70s and some of the tighter intensity of Stone Alliance – as the group (like Stone Alliance) is only a trio, working with instrumentation that includes saxes, drums, and lots of groovy keyboards!

The smallness of the group makes for a very sharp-edged sound – one that bristles with electricity, even on the acoustic instruments – and which still stays tight even on the few tracks that bring in other players and a bit of vocals. Mike Longo gives the combo plenty of props in the notes, and also plays some Fender Rhodes on the record – and titles include the massive 20 minute "Jazzberry Patch" jam, the funky vocal track "These Are My Friends", and cuts "Planed Off", "Over Easy", and "Sand N Your Blues".


  • Ben Champion - (soprano, alto, tenor & baritone sax, flute)
  • Ken Burkhart - (organ, calvinet, syntheziser, vocals)
  • Danny Burger - (drums, bells, percussion)
  • Special thanks to:
  • Mike Longo - (piano, strings)
  • David Winters - (congas, percussion)
  • Kelton Champion - (guitar)
  • Gary "Tiny" Champion - (bass)
  • Mickey McGann - (piano, strings)


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Jazzberry Patch
  • A2. Over Easy
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Planed Off
  • B2. Sugar Bear
  • B3. Sand 'N' Your Blues
  • B4. These Are My Friends