Cosmos Factory

Old Castle Of Transylvania w/OBI (Limited Gatefold (799513793003)

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Old Castle Of Transylvania w/OBI (Limited Gatefold

Cosmos Factory

HB Records


LPS 169727




LP 27,26 €


Originally formed in 1968 under the name The Silencer, Nagoya, Japan progressive rock band Cosmos Factory didn't change their name until their 1983 debut on Nippon Columbia with "An Old Castle Of Transylvania".

Loaded with heavy psychedelia and prog rock guitar moments, experimentally blended with the use of Hammond and Mellotron, the band lead by keyboardist / vocalist Tsutomu Izumi takes you on an adventure throughout the dark forests of Transylvania. Throughout the years, the album has become an very rare and sought after gem in the history of Japanese prog rock, this is the very first reissue ever, complete with OBI strip and insert, oficially licensed by Nippon Columbia Co. Ltd. and now available worldwide through Holy Basil Records


  • Tsutomu Izumi - (keyboards, Mellotron, synthesizers, vocals)
  • Hirashi Mizutani - (guitars, vocals)
  • Toshikazu Taki - (bass, vocals)
  • Kazuo Okamoto - (drums & percussion)
  • With:
  • Misao - (violin)


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Soundtrack 1984
  • A2. Maybe
  • A3. Soft Focus
  • A4. Fantastic Mirror
  • A5. Poltergeist
  • SIDE B
  • An Old Castle Of Transylvania
  • B1. (i) Forest Of The Death
  • B2. (ii) The Cursed
  • B3. (iii) Darkness Of The World
  • B4. (iv) An Old Castle Of Transylvania