Mototeru Takagi

Seishin-Seido (NBLP 151)

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Mototeru Takagi


NBLP 151

LPS 169855

NBLP 151



LP 18,99 €

NoBusiness Records in cooperation with Japanese Chap-Chap Records has started a series of releases of unreleased concerts that took place in Japan in the 90s. Concerts were organised by big fans of free jazz and improvised music Takeo Suetomi and Sadamu Hisada. The idea of the series of the concerts was to arrange and record cooperative projects of American-European musicians with Asian musicians, as well as to represent the most important Asian free jazz groups and musicians. And this one makes no exception.


  • Mototeru Takagi - (tenor saxophone)
  • Kim Dae Hwan - (percussion)
  • Choi Sun Bae - (trumpet)

Recorded live on 10th August 1995 at Café Amores, Hofu City, Japan


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Seishin - Seido
  • A2. Remember
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Life Cycle
  • B2 Step by Step