Alabe Ketujazz

Kan (Limited Edition) (POE0001)

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Kan (Limited Edition)

Alabe Ketujazz

Poeira Music


LPS 169903




LP 24,78 €

Wonderfully spare sounds from a musical partnership who are exactly as pictured on the cover – Antoine Olivier on percussion and Glaucus Linx on tenor sax – working together on these beautiful tunes that are a mix of rootsy sources and spiritual jazz! There's a sense of ritual to some of the music, especially when a bit of vocals come into play – but when the tenor solos take off, things get even more interesting, and the focus shifts a lot more strongly to jazz.


  • Glaucus Linx - (tenor & soprano sax)
  • Antoine Olivier - (percussion)


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Saudacoes
  • A2. Canto De Xango
  • A3. Vassi Oara Omulu Em Si Bemol Menor
  • A4. Opanije Xaxara
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Ijexa Gnawa
  • B2. Igbi Adja