Made to Measure Vol. 5: Geographies (876623006923)

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Made to Measure Vol. 5: Geographies

Crammed Discs


LPS 170963




LP 14,03 €

Beautiful work from Hector Zazou, and one of those wonderfully hard to define records from the early days of the Crammed label – a company that always had a strong penchant for mixing up both musical and cultural modes in really unique ways!

The record is part of a series of imagined soundtracks – and while it might work that way, the sounds here also vary nicely between some of the minimalist experiments of post-punk groups like Soft Verdict and Penguin Cafe Orchestra, and some of the more globally-conscious material on Crammed – effortless shifts in instrumentation that moves between percussion, woodwinds, strings, and some more down to earth modes – all beautifully vivid, thanks to imaginative scoring by Hector Zazou!


  • Youen Leberre - (basson)
  • Jean-Christophe Guelpa, Yseux Choix - (cello)
  • Veronique Sevre - (clarinet)
  • Fachad Soltani - (double bass)
  • Xavier Le Masne - (flute)
  • Olivier Guindon, Rafael Gimenez-Fauvety - (guitar)
  • François Verly - (marimba, vibes)
  • Magali Viallefond - (oboe)
  • Lambert Boudier, Michel Risse - (percussion)
  • Philippe Salicetti - (piano)
  • Joaquim Vidal - (alto sax)
  • Fred Wallich - (tenor & soprano sax)
  • Manfred Lelalo - (synthesizer)
  • Philippe Lapeyre - (trombone)
  • Martine Schouman - (viola)
  • Anne-Marie Altero - (violin)


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Cine Citta: Gare Centrale
  • A2. Denise A Venise
  • A3. Sidi Bel Abbès
  • A4. Vera C
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Pali Kao
  • B2. Au Bout Du Monde
  • B3. Motel Du Sud
  • B4 Sous Les Bougainvilliers
  • B5. Des Cocotiers