Don Cherry

Roundtrip: Live at Theatre Recamier, Paris 1977 (TRS26)

Roundtrip: Live at Theatre Recamier, Paris 1977 View larger


Roundtrip: Live at Theatre Recamier, Paris 1977

Don Cherry

Transversales Disques


LPS 171655




LP 24,78 €


Don Cherry gave many wonderful musical performances on the European scene in the 70s, including this one – a gem of a record that was thought to be lost for years, and finally gets released to the world at large!

The set's a live collaboration with electronic musician Jean Schwarz – whose contributions here are nicely subtle, and never challenge the acoustic energy of the session, but instead augment it in all these really cool, unique ways – very different than most improvised music with electronics at the time. Cherry plays pocket trumpet and some great doussn gouni – in the company of an equally fantastic lineup that features JF Jenny Clark on bass, Nana Vasconcelos on percussion, and Michel Portal on saxes, bass clarinet, and bandoneon. Given all the elements, there's some very unique sounds going on here – a really amazing record that includes the tracks "Bells One", "Doussn Gouni", "Tribute To Ornette", "Bando", and "Berimbau".


  • Don Cherry - (pocket trumpet, vocals, doussn' gouni, whistles)
  • Jean Schwarz - (tape, synthesizers, treatments)
  • Michel Portal - (saxophone, bass clarinet, bandonéon)
  • Jean François Jenny Clark - (bass)
  • Naná Vasconcelos - (percussions)

Recorded during G.R.M. Festival, Paris, December 2, 1977


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Intro
  • A2. Doussn' Gouni - part 1
  • A3. Doussn' Gouni - part 2
  • A4. Bells One
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Bells Two
  • B2. Berimbau
  • B3. Whistles
  • B4. Theme 1
  • B5. Bando
  • B6. Tribute To Ornette