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Enter the Decagon (Limited Edition) (FA018)

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Enter the Decagon (Limited Edition)

Various Artists



LPS 171693




LP 16,51 €

Enter The Decagon, the latest compilation from Fasaan Recordings, is a masterful exploration of ambient electronic music. Featuring an eclectic array of artists from across the globe, this LP showcases a variety of sounds and styles. From Joel Nordström and Ivar Lantz’s hauntingly beautiful Svalöv 9 Juli to Kristi Brud's Variations Of La Folia - The Abduction Of Europa, each track stands out as its own unique work of art. Dip Shim's A Friend In Deed provides a gentle yet powerful rhythm that serves as the perfect backdrop for Moisture's Blue Tea, while Philipp Otterbach's The Lost Track brings a sense of mystery to the collection.

Overall, Enter The Decagon is an impressive compilation that captures the spirit and energy of ambient music in all its forms. This release is sure to be appreciated by fans both old and new alike who are looking for something truly unique in their listening experience.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. KRISTI BRUD - VARIATIONS OF LA FOLIA ...... The Abduction Of Europa
  • A2. JOEL IVAR ...... Svalov 9 Juli
  • A3. INRE KRETSEN GRUPP ...... Interlud
  • A4. FAI LING ...... Ikaros Svett Short Version
  • A5. BÖRRINGE KLOSTER ...... Hommage A Eva Ramel
  • SIDE B
  • B1. PHILIPP OTTERBACH ...... The Lost Track
  • B2. MOONI LENA ...... Onio
  • B3. DIGGE SHIM ...... A Friend In Deed
  • B4. SPIVAK ...... Oauver
  • B5. MOISTURE ...... Blue Tea