Sam Gendel

Superstore (Limited Edition) (LR229)

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Superstore (Limited Edition)

Sam Gendel

Leaving Records


LPS 171895




LP 24,78 €

The mad-prolific Sam Gendel follows up his 2021 52-song Fresh Bread with a 36-track album Superstore. It races by, and so is perfect for those with a short attention span and is packed with loads more off the cuff and off the wall sounds from the man. These are the sort of inventions that baffle purists by mixing up what they know and serving it back to this in a recognisable yet wholly different fashion. These lo-fi skits have plenty of energy and a lounge in cheek vibe especially on the brilliant 'Alors.'


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Sx Mrnng
  • A2. Blueblackred
  • A3. Gu Shi
  • A4. LAX Tunnel
  • A5. MFV
  • A6. Foothammer
  • A7. Blue In Green
  • A8. Alors
  • A9. MMTTAA
  • A10. Cans
  • A11. Loop 53
  • A12. Two-tone
  • A13. Sustain_02
  • A14. Pi_1
  • A15. La Guerra Di Piero
  • A16. My< 3 Sing
  • A17. Suzuki Mini
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Quad
  • B2. Sx Ftrnn
  • B3. Ggoonngg
  • B4. Pi_2
  • B5. Pan
  • B6. Wave-mini
  • B7. Pinwheel
  • B8. Otramusica
  • B9. Saiko
  • B10. Rolo
  • B11. Sequoia Sam
  • B12. Squid
  • B13. Valley Park
  • B14. Cats Is Sad
  • B15. Surfside
  • B16. Suzuki Mini
  • B17. Sx Night