Dominic Miller

Vagabond (ECM 2704)

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Dominic Miller



ECM 171964

ECM 2704



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Dominic Miller has been called "a great, serene storyteller" by Peter Ruedi in the Swiss weekly Weltwoche, and Vagabond, the guitarist's third recording for ECM, might prove his most poetic tale to date, as he creates striking melancholy textures fronting a quartet with Ziv Ravitz on drums, long-time associate Nicolas Fiszman on bass and pianist Jacob Karlzon.

The foursome - each musician a skilled leader in his own right - a has a knack for balancing deep grooves with subtle interplay, weaving pastel shades into delicate harmonic changes as they chart a ruminative path through eight new Miller-originals.

Dominic: "It's never been my intention to make a guitar album. Thanks to the amazing singers I've worked with over the years I see myself more as an instrumental songwriter. And as they do, I see it my mission to surround myself with the best musicians who understand the narratives in the 'songs'. I'm happy to have assembled the right lineup here with Vagabond."


  • Dominic Miller - (guitar)
  • Jacob Karlzon - (piano, keyboard)
  • Nicolas Fiszman - (bass)
  • Ziv Ravitz - (drums)

Recorded April 19-21, 2021 Studio La Buissonne, Pernes-les-Fontaines


  • 01. All Change
  • 02. Cruel But Fair
  • 03. Open Heart
  • 04. Vaugines
  • 05. Candestin
  • 06. Altea
  • 07. Mi Viejo
  • 08. Lone Waltz