O Bem do Amor (Limited Clear Vinyl) (SOW041)

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O Bem do Amor (Limited Clear Vinyl)

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Elis Regina one of the greatest Brazilian interpreters of all time! Originally released in 1963 when she was not even 20 years old, this was her fourth album and second for Columbia records. Still a few steps before she became a star, here Elis Regina’s fresh and extremely ductile voice shines on top of sophisticated Jazz arrangements by Astor Silva and a mixed repertoire based on charming romantic songs and vibrant sambas, all composed by Brazilian authors, among them a couple of highlights such as Baden Powell’s “Se Você. Quiser” and “O Ben do Amor” the title track composed by guitarist Rildo Hora. This is an an early and fine statement in Regina’s fast way to the peak of Brazilian music history.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Alô Saudade
  • A2. Sem Teu Amor
  • A3. Saudade E Carinho
  • A4. Mania De Gostar
  • A5. Manhã De amor
  • A6. Se Você Quiser
  • B6. O Bem Do Amor
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Há Uma História Triste
  • B2. Domingo Em Copacabana
  • B3. Meus Olho
  • B4. Retorno
  • B5. Mundo De Paz
  • B6. O Bem Do Amor