Luis Lopes

Abyss Mirrors - Echoisms (CF 628 CD)

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Abyss Mirrors - Echoisms

Luis Lopes

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FEE 172267

CF 628 CD



CD 12,38 €


From the music recorded in two days at Namouche Studios Lisbon, and reaching the public through this cd, comes a constantly changing sound and atmospheric passages, managed with the tense restraint of someone who listens and understands their place within a great formation and moments of collective ecstasy with no final destination.

Movements of elusive harmony that revolve around themselves in line with the haunting lyrics of 'He Loved Him Madly' by Miles, along with a whirlwind of strings that brings that liberation of Alan Silva's ensembles, electronic phrases as meta-rhythmic as landscapes and more detours and certain continuities, in an abysmal game of mirrors. The name is well placed!


  • Luis Lopes - (electric guitar)
  • Flak electric - (guitar)
  • Jari Marjamaki - (electronics)
  • Travassos - (electronics)
  • Felipe Zenícola - (electric bass)
  • Yedo Gibson - (tenor, alto, soprano sax)
  • Bruno Parrinha - (alto, soprano sax)
  • Helena Espvall - (cello)
  • Maria da Rocha - (violin)
  • Ernesto Rodrigues - (viola)

Recorded May 26th & 27th 2022 at Namouche studios, Lisbon.


  • 01) echoism I
  • 02) echoism II
  • 03) echoism III
  • 04) echoism IV
  • 05) echoism V
  • 06) echoism VI
  • 07) echoism VII