Bog Bodies

Bog Bodies (Limited Edition) (MIC 007LP)

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Bog Bodies (Limited Edition)

Bog Bodies



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LP 24,78 €

Bog Bodies - the band consisting of Robert Stillman, Anders Holst and Sea´n Carpio delve into deep time to carve sonic abstractions across their self-titled new album on MIC.

Navigating the “liminal territory between noise and signal, chaos and control, form and abstraction,” the trio recorded and mixed the album on an 8-track cassette machine. Bog Bodies is a searching inquiry into the mythologies and magical undercurrents that knit together our existence in the information age. Bog Bodies opens with a leftfield homage to Superman III, exploring the mythical qualities of technology through a series of angular horn lines that dissolve into the mire of feedback noise on the album’s raking, anthemic title track.

Reverberating in tectonic sheets of sound on ‘One That Is Reflected In The Image Becomes All’ and Bog Bodies reaches its climax on the 11-minute ‘Cave Painting 2019’ - a subterranean epic of mystic force, drawn up from the earth in sweeping drones. Bringing together their combined experiences playing with the likes of Manuel Go¨ttsching, Luke Temple, The Smile and more recently Coby Sey.

Recorded on February, 2019


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Superman 3 In Our Time
  • A2. Bog Bodies
  • SIDE B
  • B1. 1One That Is Reflected In The Image Becomes All
  • B2. Cave Painting 2019 AD