Art Make Love (Limited Edition) (EXRECLP001)

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Art Make Love (Limited Edition)


Energy Exchange


LPS 172820




LP 20,64 €

ART MAKE LOVE sees the return of 30/70, the mothership of the internationally acclaimed collective. Their sound expanding far beyond its previous markers of Nu-Soul and Jazz, it is inspired heavily by Broken Beat complexity and their unique coming together of truly collaborative and eccentric songwriting. Real sense of light and dark in this — exploring the very edges of emotion and life, truth and fear, the depth of spirit and emotion.

ART MAKE LOVE is breaking down the walls between the music and the listener, it is bringing art back to the centre and inviting you in. It is looking directly into the darkness while celebrating life, expressing joy at the edges of all experience.


  • SIDE A
  • A1: Without U, Within Me
  • A2: Art (Interlude)
  • A3: All 4 U
  • A4: Acceptance
  • A5: Make (Interlude)
  • A6: Luv Is Waiting
  • SIDE B
  • B1: Jay Luv
  • B2: Pleasure
  • B3: Love (Interlude)
  • B4: U Betta Run
  • B5: Holly Roller