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Book Of Secrets (PR8247)

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Book Of Secrets

Patrick Cornelius



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Get ready to be transported into a world of mystery and intrigue with "Book of Secrets," the latest release from alto saxophonist Patrick Cornelius.

Cornelius's soaring melodies and intricate improvisations are perfectly complemented by his fellow musicians — Behn Gillece, Art Hirahara, Peter Slavov, and Vinnie Sperrazza — all working together to create a seamless and mesmerizing listening experience.

With its lush harmonies, intricate rhythms, and dazzling solos, "Book of Secrets" takes the listener on a thrilling journey through a musical landscape that is at once familiar and yet uncharted.

So whether one is a seasoned jazz aficionado or just newly discovering the genre, "Book of Secrets" is sure to captivate listeners, engage imaginations and inspire bright moments!


  • Patrick Cornelius - (alto & soprano saxes, clarinet, alto flute)
  • Behn Gillece - (vibraphone)
  • Art Hirahara - (piano)
  • Peter Slavov - (bass)
  • Vinnie Sperrazza - (drums)
  • Diego Rivera - (tenor sax 6,9)
  • Altin Sencalar - (trombone 9)


  • 01. Archetype
  • 02. Legend Has
  • 03. If You Can
  • 04. Lady Of The Clouds
  • 05. Book Of Secrets
  • 06. Puzzle Box
  • 07. A Wish
  • 08. Ambition
  • 09. The Way
  • 10. Inner Sanctum
  • 11. The Glory
  • 12. Days End