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Palace Of A Thousand Sounds (Limited Edition) (RKX088LP)

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Palace Of A Thousand Sounds (Limited Edition)

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LP 23,95 €

A really cool shift for this very hip group – a set of sweet exotica numbers, after a previous record of blacksploitation grooves – yet one that's every bit as funky as the previous album, thanks to all the right instrumental touches!

At the top, the music has lots of older exotica touches – percussion, vibes, harp, and other exotic elements – but at the bottom, there's some heavier grooves – working with the sounds on the top, all at a level that's maybe somewhere in the territory of a hip kung fu soundtrack – or as if Martin Denny were asked to score a film called Shaft In Hawaii!


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Enter The Palace
  • A2. Beyond The Crimson Veil
  • A3. Astral-Desia
  • A4. Delirium
  • A5. Exotique
  • A6. Sun Harp
  • A7. The Cashmere Chamber
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Iron Tusk
  • B2. Secrets In The Sand
  • B3. Mirage
  • B4. Ritual Of Gods
  • B5. The Second Moon
  • B6. Forbidden Cove