Build An Ark

Revision - An Anthology (Limited 3LP) (ND 010)

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Revision - An Anthology (Limited 3LP)

Build An Ark

New Dawn


LPS 173191

ND 010



LP 41,31 €


Back in the first decade of this century, Build An Ark were one of the few groups to really carry forward the spiritual jazz legacy of the 70s – part of the same LA underground that rose up on Nimbus Records back in the day, and guided by the unstoppable power of Carlos Nino – who worked perfectly as both an instrumentalist in the group, and their producer!

There were always some contemporary elements in the music, but maybe more surprising was the way that Build An Ark resisted all the remixing and programming that would often get in the way of the few others who tried for this territory – as they were always a committed spiritual jazz ensemble from the outset, not a club jazz act or a funk group.


  • LP ONE
  • A1. Mother
  • A2. You Gotta Have Freedom
  • A3. Conversation
  • A4. Pure Imagination / Tortoise And The Hare
  • B1. Opening Acknowledgement
  • B2. Our Cry For Peace
  • B3. John Coltrane
  • B4. Welcome
  • ________________________
  • LP TWO
  • C1. What The World Needs Now
  • C2. Build An Ark
  • C3. Door Of The Cosmos
  • D1. Healing Song
  • D2. Love, Sweet Like Sugar Cane
  • D3. Dawn
  • D4. River Run
  • D5. When Ancestors Speak
  • ________________________
  • E1. This Prayer (Yaakov Levy Mix)
  • E2. Sunflowers In My Garden
  • E3. In The Park
  • F1. World Peace Now
  • F2. World Music
  • F3. Ginger