C3TRii (Limited Edition) (MAXCED-01)

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C3TRii (Limited Edition)




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One of the most effective ways of exposing the nature of any sphere is when it is interrupted, in a kind of alienation effect, by children. Whether one imagines that troops of them storm the foyer of a luxury hotel, occupy public squares and buildings with a view to getting on with their specific activities, whether they shape the profile of public political assemblies, whether owing to a security lapse they enter a television studio in large numbers during a live broadcast - in every case the reified character of each context, its rigidity, and the fact that the sphere is always that of adults, immediately become apparent as well as what is play and what is not and what is work and what is play and what is playing and who is playing with what or whom for what or whom ?


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Untilted ...... 06:12
  • A2. Untilted ...... 03:28
  • A3.A1. Untilted ...... 05:37
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Untilted ...... 05:43
  • B2. Untilted ...... 05:57
  • B3. Untilted ...... 05:11