Perfect Angels

Exit from Ultra-World (Limited Edition) (FSRLP145)

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Exit from Ultra-World (Limited Edition)

Perfect Angels

Freestyle Records


LPS 173409




LP 24,78 €

Zach Phillips and Olia Eichenbaum met online in late 2018 and quickly began collaborating remotely, and in France and Brooklyn. First working together under the name the Pearly Gates, they toured western Europe together in 2019 with a common band shared between Olia's project Œ & Zach and Ma Clément's group Fievel Is Glauque.

After taking a year off, it was during the early months of the pandemic that they started sending music and lyrics back and forth. Before they knew it, the entire Perfect Angels album was written and recorded in under a month, with Olia andj guests' remote overdubs taking a bit more time. It was recorded entirely to Tascam 388 1/4" 8-track tape with computers intervening only during guest overdubs, mixing & mastering.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. The Moat
  • A2. All Love
  • A3. Orchids Are Not Sold
  • A4. The Meaning of Love [by Steve Kuhn]
  • A5. The Informant
  • A6. Una Palabra [by Pippo Spera with Susana Bosch]
  • A7. Exit from the Ultra-World
  • A8. You're So Alive (For Morgan Vogel)
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Sightseeing
  • B2. Sweetheart
  • B3. Fue Ayer [by Mariana Ingold with Eduardo Mateo]
  • B4. I'm Outbid
  • B5. Lamb of Shame
  • B6. Touch of Touch
  • B7. What Am I Gonna Do With You? [the Chiffons / Goffin & Titelman]
  • B8. Angels Suffering
  • B9. Two Minutes of the Year
  • B10. No Better Pain