Yoni Mayraz

Dybbuk Tse! (Limited Edition) (AR023LP)

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Dybbuk Tse! (Limited Edition)

Yoni Mayraz



LPS 173598




LP 24,78 €

180 gram vinyl

Yoni Mayraz is a pianist, but one who plays keyboards in modes that are much more than conventional jazz – and which instead really reflect the changes in the London scene where he's made his home in recent years!

The record bristles with some of the best sort of creative inspirations we'd be likely to hear on a label like Brownswood or 22A – definitely jazz at the core, but with rhythms and instrumentation that really break past the usual format – as Yoni deftly blends his own keyboards with crackling live drums, driving basslines, tenor, flute, and trumpet – all used in these shifting, inventive progressions from track to track. This is cosmic creative jazz at its finest.


  • Yoni Mayraz - (keyboards)
  • Eli Orr - (bass)
  • Roy Reemy - (drums)
  • Matan Vardi - (saxophone)
  • Joe Melnicove - (flute)
  • Roy Zuzovsky - (trumpet)


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Landed
  • A2. Pawnshop
  • A3. The Master Wore a White Robe
  • A4. Palms
  • A5. Dybbuk Tse!
  • SIDE B
  • B1. 1999
  • B2. As We Entered Jericho
  • B3. International Plots
  • B4. Painkillers
  • B5. South Star
  • B6. The Biggest Fear