Fourth Page

Blind Horizons (CD LR 619)

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Blind Horizons

Fourth Page

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LEO 130374

CD LR 619



Blind Horizons

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Fourth Page is Carolyn Hume on piano, Charles Beresford on acoustic guitar, khaen and voice, Pete Marsh on bass and Paul May on drums. 4th Page's music is improvised. Some of it sounds like it wasn't. Fragments of jazz, trace elements of the more experimental side of English folk and even Krautrock surface in a quietly intense music that floats effortlessly between dark, stretched songforms and impressionist abstraction. Everything this group does in terms of style and sound is so utterly original that nobody has come up with the term to define their music. This group is destined to become a cult for connoisseurs.

Charlie Beresford - vocals, acoustic guitar, khaen
Carolyn Hume - piano
Peter Marsh - bass
Paul May - percussion