Manu Katche

With N.P. Molvaer, T. Brunborg, J. Watson (ECM 2284)

With N.P. Molvaer, T. Brunborg, J. Watson Ver más grande

With N.P. Molvaer, T. Brunborg, J. Watson

Manu Katche



ECM 133357

ECM 2284



With N.P. Molvaer, T. Brunborg, J. Watson

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For his fourth ECM album, titled just Manu Katché, the great French-Ivorian drummer reshuffles the line-up of his band once more, and presents a new programme of compact, self-penned tunes. The revolving door policy is part of Katché’s songwriting concept: “If you write all your own music, you’re aware of your limitations. It helps to have a changing cast of musicians, because they naturally bring in things you wouldn’t have expected. It’s really been the idea since the first album [2004’s “Neighbourhood”] to keep on changing the band.” Choices of musicians have usually been inspired by meetings and encounters. “I’ll get to play with someone and then try to have his style, or at least the essence of his style, in mind when I write the music at the piano.”


  • JIM WATSON, Hammond B3 organ
  • NILS PETTER MOLVAER, trumpet, loops
  • TORE BRUNBORG, tenor and soprano saxophones
  • MANU KATCHÉ, drums , piano solo on Dusk On Carnon

Recorded March 13-15, 2012 at Studios La Buissonne, Pernes-les-Fontaines


  • 01 Running After Years
  • 02 Bliss
  • 03 Loving You
  • 04 Walking By Your Side
  • 05 Imprint
  • 06 Short Ride
  • 07 Beats & Bounce
  • 08 Slowing The Tides
  • 09 Loose
  • 10 Dusk On Carnon