Abdullah Ibrahim

The Journey (DS 1002)

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The Journey

Abdullah Ibrahim

Downtown Sound


COS 110166

DS 1002



The Journey

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South African pianist and composer Abdullah Ibrahim (still known as Dollar Brand at the time that this recording was first made) joined forces with several well-known figures in avant-garde jazz, including trumpeter Don Cherry and baritone saxophonist Hamiet Bluiett ,for this 1978 session. Following the outstanding but brief opener, "Sister Rosie," during which the leader sticks exclusively to playing soprano sax, the sound changes dramatically. "Jabulani (Joy)" starts off promising enough, but quickly segues into an energetic group improvisation. "Hajj (Journey)" also opens with a hypnotic piano vamp that adopts a bit of a Middle Eastern flavor with a call and response between Talib Rhynie's oboe and the rest of the band.


  • HAMIET BLUIETT, clarinet, baritone sax
  • ROY BROOKS, drums
  • JOHNNY DYANI, bass
  • CARLOS WARD, alto sax
  • JOHN BETSCH, percussion,
  • ABDULLAH IBRAHIM, piano, soprano sax
  • CLAUDE JONES, conga
  • TALIB RHYNIE, oboe, alto sax
  • DON CHERYY & ED BLACKWEELL, trumpet Cherry & Ed Blackwell, trumpet

Recorded 18th September 1978 in New York City


  • 01. Sister Rosie
  • 02. Jabulani
  • 03. Hajj