Paul Bley

Not Two, Not One (ECM 1670)

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Not Two, Not One

Paul Bley



ECM 72902

ECM 1670



Not Two, Not One

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Bassist Gary Peacock pulled together this reunion of a classic edition of the Paul Bley Trio. They've played together in duos over the years, but this - rather astonishingly - is the first time that Bley, Peacock and Motian have recorded as a trio in 35 years.This was a history-making group, free and yet intensely melodic; it has lost none of its persuasiveness. Highlights include Bley's depth-sounding explorations of the bottom end of the Bösendorfer piano on 'Not Zero', a reworking of 'Fig Foot' from the trio's original 60s repertoire, a stunning Peacock solo on 'Entelechy', and much spirited spontaneous interaction.


  • PAUL BLEY, piano
  • GARY PEACOCK, double-bass
  • PAUL MOTIAN, drums


  • 01. Not Zero: In Three Parts
  • 02. Entelechy
  • 03. Now
  • 04. Fig Foot
  • 05. Vocal Tracked
  • 06. Intente
  • 07. Noosphere
  • 08. Set Up Set
  • 09. Dialogue Amour
  • 10. Don't You Know
  • 11. Not Zero: In One Part