Clifford Brown

The Historic California Concerts 1954 (FSRCD 377)

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The Historic California Concerts 1954

Clifford Brown

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The Historic California Concerts 1954

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Jazz historian Robert Gordon in his book Jazz West Coast writes that there was considerable editing on the two 1954 California Concerts when they were released on record on the GNP label. This editing refers mainly to the tenor saxophone and piano solos. On comparing the original releases, we have also found an additional 35 seconds of Clifford Brown's trumpet solo on "Tenderly", which has been included here. We are also pleased to present the spoken introductions by Gene Norman and Max Roach from the first date.

Regrettably, the solos of both Teddy Edwards and Carl Perkins on "All God's Chillun Got Rhythm" were originally edited to one chorus each. This is the only available example of this recording. The full version has not been located and, half a century later, may be considered lost. All of the previous releases of these recordings have the same editing on three tracks from the second concert: On "Jordu", the tenor saxophone and piano were fully edited; on "I Can't Get Started" the piano intro was shorter; and the Richie Powell solo on "I Get a Kick Out of You" was deleted. These historic concerts are now issued in their most complete versions for the first time on the present CD.


1. Intro by Gene Norman & Max Roach 1:01
2. All God's Chillun Got Rhythm (Jermann-Kahn-Kasper) 6:18
3. Tenderly (Gross-Lawrence) 5:25
4. Sunset Eyes (Teddy Edwards) 6:40
5. Clifford's Axe (Clifford Brown) 7:15

Max Roach (d), Clifford Brown (tp), Teddy Edwards (ts), Carl Perkins (p), George Bledsoe (b). Recorded at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, April 1954

6. Jordu (Duke Jordan) 10:09
7. I Can't Get Started With You (V.Duke-I.Gershwin) 4:04
8. I Get A Kick Out Of You (Cole Porter) 8:37
9. Parisian Thoroughfare (Bud Powell) 7:45

Max Roach (d), Clifford Brown (tp), Harold Land (ts), Richie Powell (p), George Morrow (b). Recorded at the Shrine Auditorium, Hollywood, August 30, 1954