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By a Thread

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Personnel: John Ellis (saxophones) with Aaron Goldberg (piano), Mike Moreno (guitar), Reuben Rogers (acoustic bass) & Terreon Gully (drums).

Track Listing: 1. Ferris Wheel, 2. Tall Drink Of Water, 3. Little Giggles, 4. Old Man, 5. Wishing Well, 6. Lonnie, 7. Umpty Eleven, 8. Swirl, 9. Moore's Alphabet. Recorded in New York, 2006. Released on Hyena Records, 2006. Digipack Edition.

A bright, darting melody leaps from John Ellis' soprano saxophone and before the phrase reaches its natural conclusion his band enters with a circular double-time groove. It's an invigorating excursion fueled by compelling harmonic counterpoint and shifting rhythmic textures. The song is "Ferris Wheel" and it opens the brand new album, By A Thread, from one of jazz music's most prolific young voices, John Ellis. It also marks the arrival of John Ellis as a full-time band leader, having recently left his post as tenor saxophonist with the widely popular Charlie Hunter Trio, of which he's been a member for the last five years.
"As strong as each player is individually, it's the cohesiveness of this group, which belies its short existence, that makes By A Thread so impressive and ultimately successful. That and Ellis' writing, which, successfully integrates his ever-expanding interests and positions. By A Thread is an early runner for one of the best albums of 2006." - John Kelman, AAJ (May 2006)