Phil Sunkel

Jazz Concerto Grosso (FSR 2223)

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Jazz Concerto Grosso

Phil Sunkel

Jazzcity Series


ZZZ 113573

FSR 2223



Jazz Concerto Grosso

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Track Listing: 1. Jack's Theme, 2. Polka Dots and Moonbeams, 3. Train Ride, 4. Old Wives Tales, 5. Every Mornin', 6. How Stange, 7. The Animal Man, 8. Chomp, Chomp Blues, 9. Joe, The Architect, 10. T. Blues, 11. Something For The Ladies, 12. Song For Cornet, 13. Jazz Concerto Grosso.
#1-10: recorded in New York, May 13 & 29, and June 14, 1956.
#11-12 recorded in New York, October 15, 1957.
#13 recorded in New York, October 14, 1957.

Phil Sunkel, cornet and trumpet player, was born in 1925 in Zanesville, Ohio. He played with the Claude Thornhill, Charlie Barnet, Stan Getz, Sauter-Finegan, Gerry Mulligan, Gil Evans and Tito Rodriguez bands. Leaving his role as a soloist aside, Phil mainly stood out as an arranger and composer of talent, being these recordings his most celebrated works and the only ones he did as a leader.

"MY idea of a jazzband," he said "is something between a small combo and a big band incorporating the good features of both. Here we have the flexibility of a small group which allows the soloist a maximum of freedom, plus the color and drama produced by the different ensemble sounds." The further possibilities of using a three voice group superimposed on a similarly conceived orchestral backdrop originated Sunkel's most ambitious and outstanding work: Jazz Concerto Grosso.