Oliver Lake

Trio 3: Time Being (CD 106)

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Trio 3: Time Being

Oliver Lake



ITK 113912

CD 106



Trio 3: Time Being

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Recorded March 2005 at Studio Peter Karl, Brooklyn, New York.

"Time being what it is, there are several ways to approach Time Being, the latest and best of the Trio 3 albums - among them, its miscellaneous approaches to time, ranging from meterless meditation to swing to stately waltzing; and the collective experience of the group's membership, a figure exceeding 130 years, for the time being. This cumulative experience involves the assimilation of every kind of jazz, from pre-bop mainstream to the furthest reaches of the avant-garde to sundry precincts on the world music front." (taken from the liner notes by Gary Giddins)

Track Listing: 1.A Chase, 2.Medea, 3.Tight Rope, 4.Equilateral Lake, 5.Lope, 6.Time Was, 7.Playing For Keeps, 8.Given, 9.Time Being, 10.Special People.