Hamid Drake

Live at Glenn Miller Cafe (AYLCD 025)

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Live at Glenn Miller Cafe

Hamid Drake

Ayler Records


AYL 114465




Live at Glenn Miller Cafe

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CD 12,39 €

Track Listing:
1. Warriors Of Stillness
2. Praying Mantis
3. Mother And Father
4. Handing Clouds
5. Grasp The Birds Tail
6. Saint Thomas.

Live recording from Stockholm, Sweden, Nov 30, 2005.

The partnership between Hamid Drake and Assif Tsahar has been prospering in concert for over five years and this recording in Sweden shows how tight the duo is. This concert was dedicated to Peter Kowald, who had just recently moved to the next plane, and the duo's rendition of his "Mother and Father" is full of regalia and mourning in just the right proportion. "The 17-minute opener, "Warriors of Stillness", will engulf the fan and convert the uninitiated." - Coda Magazine

"A great way to appreciate Hamid Drake, one of the best free jazz drummers". - One Final Note

Total time: 53:23 mins.