Esbjorn Svensson

Est - Leucocyte (ACT 9018-2)

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Est - Leucocyte

Esbjorn Svensson



ACT 120855

ACT 9018-2



Est - Leucocyte

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It's too easy to fall into the trap of calling the last recording by a recently deceased artist "his best ever" or "a fitting end to his recorded legacy," but in the case of the final release by Swedish jazz superstars e.s.t. before their titular leader, pianist Esbjörn Svensson, died in a tragic diving accident in June, 2008, it's the only way to describe it. Leucocyte is an album that's like nothing the trio has released before, yet it possesses the unmistakable personality that caused the group to rise from obscurity in the mid-1990s to rock star-like fame (at least, in relative jazz terms) in recent years with albums including Tuesday Wonderland (ACT, 2006) and the particularly noteworthy Live in Hamburg (ACT, 2007).- By JOHN KELMAN (All About Jazz)


  • ESBJÓRN SVENSSON, piano, electronic
  • DAN BERGLUND, bass
  • MAGNUS ÖSTRÖM, drums

Recorded at Studios 301, Sidney, Australia, 2008


  • 01. Decade
  • 02. Premonition: I) Earth, II) Contorted
  • 03. Jazz
  • 04. Still
  • 05. Ajar
  • 06. Leucocyte:
  • I) AB Initio
  • II) AD Interim
  • III) AD Mortem
  • IV) AD Infinitum.