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New Monastery

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New Monastery

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Guitarist Nels Cline examines the music of celebrated pianist Andrew Hill on his latest release, "New Monastery". Cline is joined by Ornette Coleman alumnus Bobby Bradford on cornet, as they take a fresh look at Andrew Hill's music, and introduce it to a new audience.

Personnel: Devin Hoff (bass), Scott Amendola (drums), Nels Cline (g), Bobby Bradford (cornet), Ben Goldberg (clarinet),Andrea Parkins (accordion) & Alex Cline (percussion on #5 & 7).

Tracks: 1. McNeil Island, Pumpkin, 2. Not Sa No Sa, 3. No Doubt / 11/8 / Dance With Death, 4. Yokada Yokada / The Rumproller, 5. Dedication 6. Reconciliation / New Monastery, 7. Compulsion.

Recorded: February 3 & 4, 2006 at Castle Oaks Studios, Calabasas, CA.

"Avant-garde guitarist Nels Cline practically burns with talent."
- Dallas Observer

"Astonishingly intense and completely brilliant, it seems clear that Cline is now up there with the most creative jazz-based guitarists in the world."
- Motion UK

"(Nels Cline) truly represents the future of the instrument as a deep and meaningful means of musical evolution, and listening to him joyfully subvert every cliché and hackneyed riff will change your life, or, at least, your relationship to the guitar."

- Guitar Player