Eddie Bert

Crosstown (FSRCD 427)

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Eddie Bert

Fresh Sound Records


ZZZ 115016




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Personnel: Eddie Bert (tb), JR. Monterose (ts), Joe Puma (g), Hank Jones (p), Wendell Marshall or Clyde Lombardi (b) & Kenny Clarke (d).

CD 1: 1. Fragile, 2. Stompin’ At The Savoy, 3. I Should ‘A’ Said, 4. See You Later, 5. Three Bass Hit 6. What D’ya Say?, 7. Billie’s Bounce, 8. Bert Tram 9. One For Tubby, 10. Opicana, 11. It’s Only Sunshine.

CD 2: 1. Crosstown, 2. Wishbone, 3. Bronx Line 4. Conversation, 5. Manhattan Suite, 6. Steady Eddie, 7. Slow Crosstown.
Recorded: Hackensack, New Jersey, 1955 for the Savoy label.

Trombonist Eddie Bert emerged as a major voice on his horn in 1954, when the Metronome Year book awarded him as one of the four "Musicians of the 1954". Eddie was one of those musicians on the jazz scene who had been able to participate in some of the musical experiments of the day and yet retain a healthy, creative and swinging style of playing and unpretentiously imaginative writing.