George Lewis

Sequel (CD 111)

Sequel Ver más grande



George Lewis



ITK 115036

CD 111



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Personnel: Guillermo E. Brown (d), Duo 48nord: Ulrich Müller (g) + Siegfried Rössert (b, vcl), Jeff Parker (g), George Lewis (tb).

Tracks: 1. Sequel: A Composition For Cybernetic Improvisors - For Lester Bowie (33:46), 2. Calling All Cyborgs - After Sun Ra (10:06), 3. Tuning Meditation (6:37), 4. Octavia’s Dream (14:01). Recorded: SWR Studio 1 in Baden-Baden (#1), live at Zehntscheuer in Rottenburg (#2, 4) and at Gare du Nord in Basel (#3), Nov 2004.

With "Sequel...", trombonist, composer, and computer artist George Lewis presents a seminal work that breaks new ground. Material gathered from the studio recordings, plus live recordings of concerts in Basel and Rottenburg have been carefully edited for this CD.