Al Cohn

Complete Original Quintet/Sextet Studio Recordings (LHJ 10277)

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Complete Original Quintet/Sextet Studio Recordings

Al Cohn

Lone Hill Jazz


LHJ 115221

LHJ 10277



Complete Original Quintet/Sextet Studio Recordings

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Al Cohn & Zoot Sims, tenor saxes on all tracks, plus:

CD 1, #1-4: Zoot Sims Sextet "The Brothers" (1952)
With Kai Winding (tb, out on 4), George Wallington (p), Percy Heath (b) & Art Blakey (d). Recorded in New York, September 8, 1952.

CD 1, #5-20: Al Cohn/Zoot Sims Sextet "From A to Z" (1956)
With Dick Sherman (tp), Dave McKenna (p), Milt Hinton (b) & Osie Johnson (d).
Recorded in New York, January 23, 1956.

CD 1, #21 & CD 2, #1-8: Al Cohn/Zoot Sims Quintet "You 'n Me" (1960)
With Mose Allison (p), Major Holley (b) & Osie Johnson (d).
Recorded in New York, June 1 & 3, 1960.

CD 2, #9-17: Al Cohn/Zoot Sims Quintet "Al and Zoot" (1957)
With Mose Allison (p), Teddy Kotick (b) & Nick Stabulas (d).
Recorded in New York, March 27, 1957.

CD 1: 1. Tangerine, 2. Zoot Case, 3. The Red Door, 4. Morning Fun, 5. Mediolistic, 6. Crimea River, 7. A New Moan, 8. A Moment's Notice, 9. My Blues, 10. Sandy's Swing, 11. Somebody Loves Me, 12. More Bread, 13. Sherm's Terms, 14. From A To Z, 15. East Of The Sun, 16. Tenor For Two Please, Jack, 17. My Blues (Alt. Take), 18. More Bread (Alt. Take), 19. Tenor For Two Please, Jack (Alt. Take), 20. Somebody Loves Me (Alt. Take), 21. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To. Total Time: 79:27 mins.

CD 2: 1. The Note, 2. You 'N Me, 3. On The Alamo, 4. The Opener, 5. Angel Eyes, 6. Awful Lonely, 7. Love For Sale, 8. Improvisation For Unaccompanied Saxophones, 9. It's A Wonderful World, 10. Brandy And Beer, 11. Two Funky People, 12. Chasing The Blues, 13. Halley's Comet, 14. You're A Lucky Guy, 15. The Wailing Boat, 16. Just You, Just Me, 17. Gone With The Wind.
Total Time: 79:37 mins.

This collection contains all of the Al & Zoot quintet and sextet studio recordings with one exception which Lone-Hill fans will understand: a February 1961 New York session originally issued as Either Way. The date featured the two saxophonists joined by Mose Allison on piano, Bill Crow on bass, and Gus Johnson on drums. Singer Cecil "Kid Haffey" Collier was also added on three tracks.

That complete session, consisting of more than half an hour of music, already appeared in the series on the CD entitled Zoot Sims-Al Cohn "The Hoagy Carmichael Sessions and More" (DIS-103277 / 9.95 EUR), where it was coupled with an obscure Cohn-Sims septet session originally issued under the name of pianist Elliot Lawrence.