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Maria Juanez

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Maria Juanez

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Brad Leali Jazz Orchestra "Maria Juanez"

Personnel: Bread Leali (leader, as, vcl), Derrick Gardner (conductor), John Faddis, Frank Green, Sean Jones, Kevin Louis (tp); Vincent Gardner, Jason Jackson, Dion Tucker, Jack Jeffers (tb); Mark Cross, Tia Fuller (as, fl); Keith Loftis (ts, fl), Grant Langford (ts), Maximiliam Sweiger (bs, fl), Rick Germanson, Claus Raible (p); Ben Wolfe, Chris Haney (b); Alvester Garnett, Jason Brown (d) plus Reverend Charles E. Leali, Sister Helen Leali and Flor Marina Gomez (vcl).

Tracks: 1. Special K, 2. Maria Juanez, 3. The Pink Panther, 4. Puddin' Time, 5. Dos Angelitos, 6. Priority Soul!, 7. Seconds Best, 8. Fallen Feathers, 9. Mr. Sneaky.

Recorded: February 2, 2004 at Peter Carl's Studio, Brooklyn, New York.

"Maria Juanez is an eagle rising, swooping and gathering you in. It soars. A high-powered, high-octane, explosive, exciting and exhilarating work destined to be a must have. BRAD LEALI AND HISJAZZ ORCHESTRA is a musical pyrotechnic display. All explode like fireworks celebrating an important event. You willingly ride the wave and it's fabulous.

Maria Juanez is a musical tsunami waiting to wash you away. The new compositions are destined to be masters played over and over again in years to come while the standards will be remembered for their new vibrancy. I must express kudos to Leali for putting this Orchestra together. He surrounded himself with a superbly talented cast of musicians, who went all out to remind us of how great big bands can sound...I'm sure the angels in heaven are listening and smiling down upon Brad Leali and his Jazz Orchestra." - Lujira Cooper (from the liner notes).