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Playin`For Keeps (LHJ 10288)

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Playin`For Keeps

Bunky Green

Lone Hill Jazz


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LHJ 10288



Playin`For Keeps

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2 LPs ON 1CD

This CD release contains the complete original albums:
Playin' for Keeps (tracks 3-8 & 16-17)  (tracks 1-2 & 10-15)

The only other Bunky Green quartet recording from the 1960's was a version of the song "Step High", which is included here as a bonus track. In order to make this edition more appealing to jazz collectors, the producers have placed all of the quartet tracks at the beginning of the CD.

Includes 12-page comprehensive booklet!

Personnel: BUNKY GREEN (alto sax) on all tracks, plus:

(1-2) Billy Wallace (p), Cleveland Eaton (b), Marshall Th ompson (d).
Recorded in Chicago, February 18, 1965.

(3-8) Willie Pickens (p), Cleveland Eaton (b), Harold Jones (d).
Recorded in Chicago, January 18, 1966.

(9) Wynton Kelly (p), Larry Ridley (b), Jimmy Cobb (d).
Recorded in Chicago, October 28, 1960.

(10-15) Same personnel and date as tracks 1-2
except Walter Strickland (tp) & James Meyer (ts, bar) added.

(16-17) Same personnel as tracks 1-2 except Warren Kime & Paul Serrano (tp),
John Avant (tb), Kenny Soderblom (sax) & Eli Gutierrez (congas) added;
Charles Stepney (p) replaces Billy Wallace. Recorded in Chicago, Dec 1965.

1. On Green Dolphin Street
2. My Ship
3. Yesterday
4. Playin' For Keeps
5. What I Can Do
6. Mi Compasion
7. My Man's Gone Now
8. Brazilano
9. Step High*
10. Tamra
11. Silver Dollar
12. When Th e Sun Comes Out
13. Testifyin' Time
14. Tweedlee Dee
15. Orbit Six
16. The Shadow Of Your Smile (Love Theme From "Th e Sandpiper")
17 Mama Looka Boo Boo. (* Bonus Track).

Total time: 73:54 mins.

"Despite nearly five decades (from 1960 to present) of musical activity, Bunky Green's meager discography consists of no more than 32-separate sessions. Green's discography can be divided into two separate periods: his emergence in Chicago (22 recordings from 1960-1967), and his reemergence in New York (10 recordings from 1976-2004). This edition showcases his finest recordings from the earlier Chicago period." - from the liner notes