Sonic Liberation Front

Jetway Confidential (HT 030)

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Jetway Confidential

Sonic Liberation Front

High Two


AUM 137164

HT 030



Jetway Confidential

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On Sonic Liberation Liberation Front's fourth album for High Two, Jetway Confidential, the band mightily wields their highly honed brand of Lukumi (Afro-Cuban) meets "post-avant-garde-and-everything-else" mojo. Featuring 23 musicians working under the leadership of drummer/percussionist Kevin Diehl, SLF has expanded its sound and concept even further here. Coming on the heels of 2011's well-received document, Sonic Liberation Front Meets Sunny Murray, this new album reveals influences as far afield as Sun Ra, Morton Feldman, Tata Guines, Lasaro Ros, Jackie McLean, Miles Davis, and the David Lean film Bridge Over the River Kwai. The title track is a large-ensemble piece originally commissioned by innovative Philadephia presenter, Ars Nova Workshop, for performance at the Institute of Contemporary Art to coincide with the 2009 exhibit, Pathways to Unknown Worlds: Sun Ra, El Saturn & Chicago's Afro-Futurist Underground.

Kevin Diehl – drumkit, bata
Chuck Joseph– bata
Terry Lawson – tenor saxophone
Matt Engle - bass
Todd Margasak - cornet
and 18 additional musicians

1. Uh-Uh
2. Mother of Nine
3. Jetway Confidential No. 3 (for Sun Ra)
4. Padrino's Hit
5. Yemaya
6. OneTwoThree
7. Umami
8. One Two
9. Metaphyzzix